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  • Is there a cost to participate in this project?
    Yes, the Over Fifty offering is a special paid photo session we are offering with extra perks, including a Facebook community, a complimentary print of your favorite image from your shoot, and a big party at the conclusion of the project where you will be featured in an exhibition, and more! For more information on the project including pricing and the many perks, fill out the form and then we'll arrange a call to go over any details or additional questions!
  • Can I be photographed with someone else?
    Absolutely! This project is to celebrate you, as a 50+ woman, and your story, but as with all of our clients, we ask you how and with whom you would like to be photographed. In this case we would start out focusing on you, and add in whomever it is (Children, Spouse, Pet, Other friend/Loved one) PS) You can also decide this experience is just for ME! (And bring back the family for a proper family session later) For extended Family/Large groups an additional session would be necessary. Just call me to discuss your particular interest and we can see what we can work out!
  • Can I bring a support person?
    Yes! Absolutely!
  • I see a lot of fancy dresses and make-up...That is not really me. Do I have to wear dresses and makeup?
    Our mission is to capture you the way you want to be seen. You do not have to wear a dress. You may wear what feels comfortable/authentic to you, and we are here to help guide and direct you to different options, suggeting ideas that will show off your best you in photographs! Or you can dress up in one of our fabulous dresses! Or a dress/outfit you might never wear otherwise, perhaps a cocktail dress in the back of your closet that you've been dying to wear but there has been no occassion worthy. We do include and recommend professional makeup application, from our highly skilled in house artists, which can range from a "no makeup" makeup, to all out glam and everything in between. Book a call and let's talk about your ideas!
  • I really want this experience and I am not 50+... Can I still be photographed?
    Of course! This is a special project with some extras created with 50 + in mind, but we photograph women and MEN of any age! And always in full service with pro makeup and hair, styling, expertly guided photoshoot and image selection, snacks and music... Our genres include Contemporary Portrait, Glamour, Headshots/Personal & Business Branding, High School Seniors, Family/Generations, And special Fine-Art Commissions. Please email us at with what you are interested in, or go ahead and call me at 5152778191 or book a call right now and I will call you back!
  • Can I be photographed outside?
    Yes. For this project, we will be holding portrait sessions inside the studio. However, if outdoors or alternate location images are desired we can absolutely arrange to extend the session to accomodate, for an additional fee. Fee will be dependent upon individual requests and situautional details.
  • I am (or my loved one is) homebound but I would love for them to participate in this project. Is it possible to come to me/them to be photographed.
    We would definitely try to make accomodations! Please give us a call to discuss.
  • I live outside of Iowa, in another state/country. I want this experience. Can I still participate?
    We are willing to travel! Or we would love to have you come and visit us here!! Would be happy to chat and help work out any details for you to be able to be a part of this Revolution!! We don't want geography to be the barrier. Please fill out the form here and lets schedule a call to talk about it
  • What is the cost for this amazing experience?
    For more information on the project including pricing and the many perks, fill out the form and then we'll arrange a call to go over any details or additional questions!
  • Where is Urban Couture studio located?
    We are located at 900 Keo Way at the beautiful Mainframe Studios in Downtown Des Moines, Iowa. You can find us (by appointment please) in studio 307. Mainframe is a vibrant artist community centrally located with easy access from I-235. Get directions here.
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