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Girl, what's your superpower?!

This is a Revolution of self Love! Tell me what you love about yourself and are proud of! Why, do we as women, spend so much time disparaging ourselves? Why is it when we receive a compliment, we often deflect it? When we see a picture of ourselves, and some one says "hey, that's a great picture!" we say "ugh, look at my double chin, my wrinkled neck, I need to lose 10 pounds", blah blah blah blah. What if... WHAT IF instead, we fed ourselves with love and grace and care. What if we treated ourselves like we do our best friend? What if we filled ourselves with love and gave ourselves grace...wouldn't life be easier and more enjoyable? I know when I feel good about myself, which is definitely NOT all days, (I am a work in progress like everyone else) I know I am more open to giving and receiving love and that feeling multiplies with every positive exchange. And it enables me to cope better when there is an exchange less than positive. So do me a favor won't you? When you look in the mirror, tell YOU something great about YOU! Do it every time. Let your list keep growing and soon you'll start to believe it. Get rid of the old story you have been telling yourself and start with writing a new, true bio! Go out and be revolutionary! Accept your beautiful self, strength, flaws and all and go share your gifts with the world!

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