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Stories of The Over Fifty Revolution


I am The Revolution - Chris Bissinger


"Let go of the worry of things that are beyond our control"

Chris Bissinger is a 52 year old woman who jumped at the chance to have herself photographed by Val. Her last portrait was taken by a church photographer around 7 years ago, but now she was ready to put herself in front of the camera again!

Chris said that the words she would use to describer herself at this time are "patient" and "steadfast". Chris was in a long distance relationship with her husband for many years before they married.. Then they struggled with infertility for several years before becoming pregnant with their twins. After her son and daughter were born, her patience was again tested as she juggled 2 babies and working full time at 36 years old, going back to college at 41 and making a significant career change at 45. Now that the kids are older, Chris focused her patience and steadfastness on herself and pouring into what she needed. Chris lost over 80 lbs in a year and has the before and after pictures to celebrate both times in her life.

She would also describe herself as "generous" and feels most beautiful "when I am being a mom or when I can help others." Chris is a great example of adapting and working through different types of struggles only to find yourself stronger and more authentic in the end. The advice that she would give to her daughter or any young woman would be, "Work on yourself, first and foremost. Don't settle."

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your story.

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